Wednesday, May 3, 2017

An Ode to the melting Snowman!

An Ode to the Melting Snowman!

To the melting snowman
Having his moment in the sun

Recalling his mute befriending conversations
With amber colored sun…

That waned over incandescent snow
Last winter

“I owe my birth to you..
For you invisibilized yourself for me,”

That was an ice-breaker

To the last visage of the melting snowman
Smiling over his ephemeral self…

Remembering his covenant with the sun
Emaciating gradually,

Waiting to be reborn!

In his crunchy eyes biting the dust,
Ever seen embers glowing within?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

watching them go..

And he went away
the ragpicker


Picking discarded items
As he felt discarded himself

He smirked as he grumbled
Looked back and forth

Frantically looking everywhere
For his lost dignity

That had merged with the dust
which smeared his face

And she left the way
the child beggar

the vehicles zooming past her
Leaving her palms empty handed

“Palms that may receive a beating tonight”
She smiled as she left

Knowing her fate too well

And they too left..the spectators..

Watching them..
Shedding tears..

Of mercy

Having done their duty..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts and Pens

I want to write
Grabbing shreds
with papers flying
catching impulses
with pens running dry

ebb and flow of forgetfulness
whether absorbing in mind
or in phone memory
or by typing dead letters
trying to make verse alive

Squeezing on paper
in the study
in front of the idiot box
in seclusion
or on streets

Flipping through magazines
incoherent words
far and between
begging for meanings
What to mean?
But why to mean?

Dylan or Linkin
Green day or Blue
My thoughts and pens are awry
Hail Falling pens
enough for now

I don't care
what I write
But I still want to write

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prank on nature

Unreal rain
Go away
The Rain
had warned about you

Your unnatural birth
threatens our lives
From silver iodide

Outrageous unreal rain
Go away
back to rockets
that triggered you

As you flicker
in broad sunshine
Don't mock the sun
Go away


Take pity
Let the shelter less make homes
let children play
let the seeds sprout
flowers breathe
cattle chew
And let us survive

Unreal,untimely rain
Go away

The snowy peaks
the flowered valleys
shudder as you arrive

Don't be proud
a momentary creation
delight of science

Oh! Mother Nature
Pardon the misadventure
This folly of human nature!!